Stripping in the Wilderness
Stripping in the Wilderness.

I’ve wanted to see some new really touching hiatus fics where Fusco just breaks down and Reese is there. Can you do something like that? - theasylumsabyss

gets mildly nsfw under the cut

He’s half-remembering a quotation about lying in gutters and looking at stars and thinking it’s total bullshit because he’s got his forehead pressed to the curb and all he sees is concrete and secondhand beer.

He doesn’t expect the arm that wraps around his waist and drags him to his feet.

He doesn’t expect to be bundled into the backseat of a low-slung black car and he doesn’t expect to be spoken to in soft murmurs on the drive home; he doesn’t expect to be stripped naked just after the door to his apartment closes, doesn’t expect to be dragged into the shower, doesn’t expect to be washed clean so gently, like too much pressure could scrub his skin away; he doesn’t expect to be folded up in bed, knees to chest, and he doesn’t expect Reese to hold him like that and he doesn’t expect to start spouting uncontrollable apologies for something he can’t even remember doing right now and he doesn’t expect to fall sobbing drunk into Reese’s chest; he doesn’t expect Reese to kiss him everywhere but his mouth and he doesn’t expect, staring up at his bedroom ceiling while Reese pushes in, to find that the lights of the city reflected there look a little bit like the stars.

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