Stripping in the Wilderness
Stripping in the Wilderness.

Reese/Fusco, Reese has some sort of kink involving Fusco’s poor, shot-up ass - itsatwinthing4

Since he got shot, Reese got all fixated on his ass, although maybe that was always the case and Fusco only noticed when being slapped felt like getting shot all over again. Reese was nice enough to lay off him mostly while he was still healing up but once that wound closed up and the bandage came off and Fusco’s limp started to get less dramatic, it was like open season.

Somewhere between the smacks and pinches and hard, possessive handfuls, Reese will just pin him in place and run careful fingers over the spot where the scar still sticks out pale and ruinous on his skin, as if it’s a tattoo Reese likes, and Fusco wonders if maybe it’s not the wound Reese is so in love with but the way Fusco got it.

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