Stripping in the Wilderness
Stripping in the Wilderness.

Finch/Fusco, Finch needs someone to get him at the hospital and for reasons of ~pride~ doesn’t want Reese to be that someone - reallyprivateperson

“So, why…” Fusco begins when Finch steps out the doors of the hospital but the sentence seems to die on exit when Fusco takes in Finch’s slow, jagged, painful gait; he puts on his game face anyway and finishes, “…so, why couldn’t the other guy do this?” as he pulls open the passenger side door of the car and holds it open for Finch.

When he pauses in the open car door, Finch’s sigh is slow, fluttering and Fusco thinks he’s being sort of honest when he says, “I have to be…unassailable for him, unbreakable and that’s not – that’s not the case with you; you’re unimportant enough that, with you, I can afford weakness.”

The hug Fusco wraps him in is tentative, delicate, mindful of Finch’s back, and Finch only fights it for a little while.

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