Stripping in the Wilderness
Stripping in the Wilderness.

finch and fusco, finch knows about the tailing and is getting mildly annoyed by it - reallyprivateperson

He keeps catching tiny glimpses of Detective Fusco out of the corner of his eye; Finch can’t help it because once he spots Fusco, he starts noticing him all the time, eternally about thirty paces behind Finch, struggling along in the flow of foot traffic, vigilant and miserable.

Finch devotes a day to confusing him, to purposefully burying himself in crowds, to sneaking out of backdoors, to walking in one subway door and darting out the other before it closes, to doubling back and tripling back and demolishing established routine until Fusco is no longer a lurking figure in the corner of his eye.

He reappears a few hours later, pink-faced and limping and exhausted and tenaciously dragging himself into step thirty paces behind Finch, and Finch decides a new tactic is in order; this is when Finch wheels around sharply and shows Fusco how quickly he can close the span of thirty paces.

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