Stripping in the Wilderness
Stripping in the Wilderness.

Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge - Day 29

Day 29: Favorite alias?

I enjoy “Burdette,” because it seems like Finch completely gave up on that one. Like, maybe he had to make up a new identity really quickly, and he was trying to think of a bird name because DAMMIT, HE HAS A THEME TO STICK TO, but the inspiration just wasn’t coming, so he was like “Fuck it! Burdette. It’s Burdette. ‘Cause I like birds.” And then like a day after he’d finished falsifying all the documents, he was like “WAIT, I COULD HAVE CALLED MYSELF ‘SWAN’ OR SOMETHING. Shit.”

As for new aliases, the aspect of Harold’s naming convention that I really enjoy is that it’s not really sustainable. After the sensible names are done with (Crake, Swift, Dove, Hawke, Lark, etc.), there’s nowhere to go but silly. He’ll be trying to pass himself off as Harold Nuthatch. Harold Tit. Harold Treecreeper. Maybe he’ll get to the point where he starts using the names of individual species and we’ll get a moment where he’s trying to explain to a Number that no, really, his actual name is Harold Imperial-Shag.

There’re a lot of possibilities here, and if the writers don’t get at least a little ridiculous at some point, I will be sad.

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